View Full Version : Schneider APO-Symmar 5,6/240mm

8-Jun-2008, 10:43
Thinking about buying this lens? Any reasons I shouldn't?

8-Jun-2008, 10:47
No. It covers up to 8x10 and they're pretty sharp.

Lachlan 717
18-Jun-2008, 02:36
Weight and size. If you are considering field work (i.e. backpacking, travel etc), I would think twice about any f5.6 lens in this focal length range.

I was considering this lens (I think there's a post here discussing its merits), but ended up with the Fujinon 240mm f9.

Absolutely no regrets with the Fuji; it is easily the sharpest lens that I have, it is light, small and, even though it's f9, it is bright on the GG.

18-Jun-2008, 03:35
for 8x10, i prefer the coverage of the apo sironar S
for 4x5, i prefer the compactness of the apo ronar MC or the Fuji A
but still a good lens !

18-Jun-2008, 03:38
Concerning weight and size...

My main lens is a Fuji W 300/5.6. I carry it all over the place. It is a big bugger in a Copol 3 shutter, but the extra weight is worth it as I most often photograph in low light where being just over twice as bright as a f9 is appreciated...and also it is 4 times as bright as my RD Artar 19"/f11. My nice little 6.25"/f12.5 can be a real bear to focus under the redwoods.

So if you are hiking in the Southwest US, or up in the Sierra (or in the Australian Outback!) you might not need the extra weight just to get a brighter image on the GG. But for hanging out under the redwoods, in the city at night, or interior work, viewing at f5.6 might be needed.

And of course, generally, the smaller the lens, the less expensive are the filters!


18-Jun-2008, 07:22
I have the Symmar S 240mm f/5.6 which preceeded the Apo Symmar--and it's a nice lens. It's very sharp, but yes--it's a hefty package in its Copal #3. I also have a 240mm f/9 Docter Germinar-W which is very compact and equally sharp, but f/5.6 looks amazing on an 8x10 groundglass. I'd say it depends on your shooting style and what sort of kit you have. If you have a lightweight 8x10 and do a lot of hiking, the Apo Symmar will feel like carrying a rock, but if your 8x10 is a heavier (>10#) and you shoot out of the car, it's probably a good choice--especially since the prices are currently so good.

26-Mar-2014, 18:15

I Currently came into possession of this great lens. Not my style though. I was just wondering if you could shed some light as to how much i could sell it for as i very rely use it.

240mm f5.6 Schneider Symmar with a Copal 3 Shutter.


David Lobato
26-Mar-2014, 19:10
I have one and it performs well. However beware of internal particles around the lens element edges, a.k.a. Schneideritis. Mine has this problem. It doesn't seem to affect performance but will drop the value of the lens.