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8-Jun-2008, 05:32
The question I have is what is the going price for a mint arca with red bellows in the original case(wooden box with folding lid) it has a schnieder 100/5.6 1:12/175
convertable lens from the little info I could get regarding model I think it is a C
swing,tilts, shift with a graduated scale on the side and interlocks to tighten either swing or tilts, scales on the side are 3.5 either way rail is silver top and black anidised on sides and underside. The rail has arca swiss on the front and Oschwald Zuric on the rear end of the rail.
I have taken 9 shots with the rollfilm back I made for it using a 23 Graphic back and adapter,also a Grafmatic film Holder.
thanks BarryTreleaven

8-Jun-2008, 06:02
quickest way to find out is to check the items sold on eBay. you may get a little better by other routes but that is pretty much the baseline these days.