View Full Version : Medium and Large Format Printing

Neil Purling
6-Jun-2008, 02:19
The man I used to use has finally given up the game.
I should have seen it coming as he gave up his premises and worked from home for the last 18months. Another victim of the march of digital.
So I need a person who can deal with MF and LF printing to individial requirements.
If I must, someone with a drum scanner.
I am resident in the East Riding of Yorkshire, which is in England.
Anyone you know by experience and reputation in the UK?

Joanna Carter
6-Jun-2008, 03:44
Hi Neil

First of all, why don't you try joining us in the UKLFPG forum http://www.lf-photo.org.uk/forum/, there are quite a few of us "northerners" in there ;)

Secondly, try Leach Colour in Huddersfield, they really are excellent, and big enough not to be going out of the LF business too soon.