View Full Version : Differences between Linhof GT and TL

Frank Petronio
4-Jun-2008, 23:59
Does anyone know the differences between the stock 4x5 Linhof Master GT and TL cameras? The ones with the beefy "L" standards.

Which movements are geared and which version weighs more?

Compared to a Sinar P, what would be the major differences? I already know that there are more Sinar parts floating around and the Linhof build quality is better, but let's assume I'm using the basic 18 inch rail and regular bellows.

Thanks in advance to Bob S.!

David A. Goldfarb
5-Jun-2008, 01:07
I think the current Master GTL has continuously variable tilt and swing axes, which isn't on the earlier versions. If I understand correctly, this lets you move the swing and tilt axes around on the groundglass, where on a Sinar P, the tilt and swing axes are fixed on the dotted lines. On the Sinar, the solution for a setup where the axis isn't in a convenient location is to use rise/fall and shift to move the swing and tilt axes to a better spot to determine the swing/tilt angles, and then restore the original composition using rise/fall and shift again, where on the Master GTL, I think you can change the position of the axes. I'm sure Bob will correct me, if I've got that wrong.