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4-Jun-2008, 22:48
Has anyone shooting 8x10 or ULF considered using color paper as negatives to produce color contact prints? All the complications aside, it seems like this would be a cheap way of making some big color prints if it wasn't too much of a pain to get everything right.

I know there have been several threads about this already, but I've been having a hard time finding any actual results, mainly just speculations and what not. I even PM'd several people who where going to try this at one point but didn't get any responses from them.

If anyone has tried this or has a lot of experience with color printing (esp contact printing) and would like to speak of their experiences I would be most obliged.


5-Jun-2008, 08:54
You may want to look at


from Glen View Camera in Chicago.

Jim Noel
5-Jun-2008, 08:55
Several years ago I had a friend who was doing exactly that on large rolls of paper. It took him some experimentation to find the correct filtration to account for the brownish yellow of the color negative material. This accounted for, he made some beautiful images.

7-Jun-2008, 18:39
Thanks, I think I will give this a try at some point