View Full Version : Choice of 400-500mm lens for 4x5

Steve Baggett
23-Jan-2001, 00:39
I'm planning on getting something in the 400mm-500mm range for my 4x5 Canham. I have plenty of bellows, so I've been considering the Fuji 450mm Compact f/12.5, a non-tele lens that is quite compact. However, long bellows = wind vibration. Do any of you have an opinion on this lens? The Nikkor 360/500/720 EDt looks g ood, other than size and price, and can be "converted" to 360 or 720 with anothe r rear element at about 1/3 the price of an additional lens. If you assume mone y is not a (big) issue but that weight, bulk, and image quality are, what would you go for? The use would be almost 100% landscape wherein 0-2 mile hikes are i nvolved. Does anyone know what 500mm Davide Muench used for a lot of his images in "Plateau Light"? Tough decision for me so I need your opinions. Thanks, ya 'll.

William Marderness
23-Jan-2001, 00:49
I use the Fuji 450C for 4x5 and 8x10. This lens is great for both formats. It is light, small, with excellent image quality and large image circle. I have not had a problem with the wind. I hold out my dark cloth to shield the bellows from the wind. I don't know about the Nikkor T's. I wouldn't touch a telephoto.

Paul Schilliger
23-Jan-2001, 03:09
I have this 450 C for a week only but can say it's a good choice when the extens ion is available. The lens is tack sharp, has huge coverage (use of a lens shade recommended) if you are looking to wards larger formats someday, but what amazed me most, is the smooth, absolute vibration free firing of this tiny lens. David Muench uses a Nikkor T with his Technika. This camera has too short a bellows for the 450C. But there i s a macro tube made by Wista that adds 10 cm extension. I use one on mine and the tube adds strength to the camera compared to the fully extended rail. When a heavy tele lens is mounted, I think the camera is more prone to be affected by the small shake originated by the shutter, or by the wind, if not stiff enough.

Sergio Ortega
23-Jan-2001, 09:07

I use this 450 Fuji on my DLC. I completely agree with Paul and William: great, sharp little lens with huge coverage for even larger formats than 8x10.

Don't let someone talk you into the Nikkor 450 M. It's mounted in a big Copal 3 shutter which vibrates more, it's much larger and heavier than the Fuji, and will tax the DLC's stability when at full bellows extension.

Good luck, Sergio.

23-Jan-2001, 12:07
Not much to add to the above responses, except to agree that the Fuji 450 C is the way to go. Tiny lens, huge coverage, reasonable price, great results! The Fuji 300 C is equally good, BTW.

Steve Baggett
23-Jan-2001, 15:09
Thanks ya'll for the excellent advice. Just ordered the 450C from Badger. Hope to "play" with it this weekend. Thanks again.