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Robbie Shymanski
4-Jun-2008, 18:16
I was just presented with this mammoth machine and was wondering if anyone had any info on or about it. Sorry there are no pix. I have to get a new cable for my digital. So much for technology. Will post pix soon.

Clueless Winddancing
5-Jun-2008, 01:52
Sherlock enjoyed 20 Questions too:
1) what is the illuminant resource (oil, kerosene, a candle, electricity:
what kind of cord, switch, plug-in, fuse
2) if a lamp(s) are there markings, what is the socket made of
3) did it get hot (therefore is there ventelation) so it was a commercial item
4) how thick is the glass,
5) are there options to crop
6) are there red set-up lamps
7) are there any rubber parts
8) is it desk top or independed standing
9) is it roll away
10) does it leak light

oops, nurse Ratchet is here with my Night-Night pill....night

Mark Sampson
5-Jun-2008, 04:28
Built for the US Air Force, for contact-printing aerial negatives. I've been familiar with two, now long gone.
Post some digipix and I may be able to help.

5-Jun-2008, 05:49
I had been following one on e-bay for a few months, but they would not come down in price. I wound up getting a local 8x10 enlarger for less.

Just for the record, here are some pictures I got from e-bay. This may be similar to the one in the OP.

My plan was to glue together some Roscoe CC gels that I could wind back and forth with the little cranks and use it for variable contrast printing. It would be a fun project if it were free.

5-Jun-2008, 07:27
Couldn't they find room for any more switches on that thing?

Robbie Shymanski
5-Jun-2008, 09:38
Mine is the floor mount reflex varible contrast model. It does not have 1000000 switches. Mine is a single light source but with the same sized bed. Pix up today.

6-Mar-2015, 07:57
ic-racer nailed it. We had some of those in the Air Force aerial recon lab.