View Full Version : Newbie - How can I use my Cokin-style filters in LF?

4-Jun-2008, 10:14

I'm new to LF - just to set the level. I have a pretty good investment in Singh Ray filters that I use on digital and MF which are all work in the Cokin "P" style holder. I now have 4x5 LF setup and would like to use those filters when possible of course. I have 1 lens (xenar 150mm) which has a 40.5mm thread and I am wondering if anyone else is using Cokin "P" with LF where they have solved this issue?

They do not seem to have a ring adapter for my needs with this lens. And I have 2 more lenses on the way and I suspect I will have similar issues with those.

I do see that Cokin has something called a Universal Adapter but the info is not clear enough for me to plunk down $$. Cokin doesn't return emails and everyone else I have asked just reads what is on the package.

I know I can get different filters, that's not my question.


4-Jun-2008, 10:51
You don't need to replace the filters... but you may need to replace the filter holders. I use Singh-Ray and Lee filters with the Lee filter holders on all my cameras (35mm, MF, and LF 4x5). Simply screw in an adapter ring to the lens and attach the holder to it. I also keep the adapter ring mounted permanently to all my lenses (gets expensive that way but saves messing around with it in the field), and use the Lee lens covers designed to fit over the adapter rings.

So far all my lenses but two have been fitted this way... only a Mamiya 75mm Tilt/Shift and a Grandagon-N 75mm are not fitted this way (no adapters to properly fit without vignetting). For these two lenses a filter is simply handheld over the elements for use.

4-Jun-2008, 11:44
Thanks. I'll look into the Lee holders!

4-Jun-2008, 11:58
Hi, Gevalia.

I've got two of the Cokin Universal Holders for their smaller filters and use them on those of my large format lenses that are not threaded. For all of my threaded lenses, Cokin does make adapter rings that fit.

The universal holder has a three point system of nylon tipped screws that you tighten down on the barrel of the lens. The opening is large enough to fit lenses up to about 3 to 3 1/2 inches across and with the screws on the narrow side of the holder, will go down to any small size lenses you may have.

I have never used the Lee system. They may have a better solution, but I'm satisfied with what I have with the Cokin mount.


4-Jun-2008, 12:14
How about this?

Click here (http://cgi.ebay.com/New-40-5-46mm-Metal-Step-Up-Ring-40-5mm-46mm-40-5-46_W0QQitemZ140237030527QQihZ004QQcategoryZ30040QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

You can then use your Cokin holders...

4-Jun-2008, 12:33
Never had any problem using my P series Cokin filter & holders with LF. But 40.5 is unusually small filter thread.


christopher walrath
6-Jun-2008, 16:05
Not as a permanent thing by any stretch, but when I get my lens on Friday next, I'll be holding the filter to the front of the lens for a while.

john borrelli
13-Jun-2008, 07:53
No problem really. I sometimes put filters on my pentax digital spotmeter to meter some subjects. The spot meter takes 40.5mm filters. I just bought a Tiffen 40.5mm step up ring, I believe the one I bought goes from 40.5mm to 49mm, with a 49mm Cokin ring you would be all set to go.

scott russell
13-Jun-2008, 19:17
I picked up a box full of cokin p filters with a filter holder and a 77mm and 58mm adapter (with are exactly the mount of my 120mm and 150mm) for 15 dollars at a yard sale a few months ago. I don't know what the odds are of that, but needless to say i feel pretty lucky. I was also wondering about the suitability of these filters for 4x5 once i started using them. I will probably use the polarizer, ND filters, split filters and the 25 red filter out of this and maybe one day try out the "dream" or "speed" filters that are in the box if i ever got bored enough.

Jan Pedersen
13-Jun-2008, 19:24
B&H have a 40.5 to 49mm step up ring 49mm being a comon size for smaller lenses.


Louie Powell
14-Jun-2008, 04:20
40.5mm is pretty much the standard front diameter of "press" lenses.

I've noticed that it is possible to find traditional 40.5mm glass filters at photo flea markets. Many are scratched and probably not what you would want to use with otherwise high-quality equipment. But it is easy to remove the glass filter (most are held in place with a retaining spring that can be pried out using an ordinary pocket knife - otherwise, grab a hammer and break the glass), and then glue the metal ring to another sized ring that will fit your P holder.

18-Jun-2008, 00:31
Use a tape snake.

Essentially, you take a good length of gaffers tape (about 6 inches) and starting at one corner, roll it diagonally with the adhesive out. You now have a long, thin, tube-like (snake) piece of tape that is sticky all around. Take this and stick it to the front ring of your lens and slap a filter on. It is easy to use, fairly cheap and comes right off (dont mash it on too hard). Voila! the rare and less than posionous tape snake.