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Mike Dougan
4-Jun-2008, 06:14
Probably a fairly basic question but I'm new to large format photography.

I recently acquired a Crow Graphic with a dodgy shutter I plan to have the Syncro Compur repaired the next time I visit the UK of Singapore (not many people in Manila I'd trust) but in the mean time I plan to buy another lens for this camera so my question is what size of Copal shutter would be a direct replacement for the Syncro Compur with the 127mm f4.7 Kodak Ektar?

4-Jun-2008, 06:35
I would guess it to be a Copal 0, but I don't know which Compur the Kodak is in for certain. A photo of the existing shutter would be most helpful.

A modern Compur or Copal #0 would have a mounting flange diameter of roughly 1 3/8". A modern Compur or Copal #1 would have a mounting flange of about 1 5/8. The lens spacing and threading should match between these. If its one of these, you should be able to go from Compur to Copal of the same size with no issue. SK Grimes has some of the other dimensions for shutters if you need them.

I wouldn't think that lens could fit in a Compur 00 (flange dia = 1"), but there is no Copal replacement for this shutter size.

Mike Dougan
4-Jun-2008, 06:59
Without pulling the lens out of the lens board (I haven't the tools and there is already some marks from previous attempts) I'd say the opening was just under 1 and a half inches.

I would post a picture but I went digital free a few years ago....... :) :)

In the morning (Its 10 PM in Manila) I'll grab a friends digital camera and post a pic or two.

Dan Fromm
4-Jun-2008, 07:23
Mike, www.skgrimes.com (look in products, new shutters) has a table giving sizes for #0 and #1 shutters. Unscrew your lens' front cell, measure, and you'll know which it is.

4-Jun-2008, 10:48
I've had two examples of the Kodak 127mm Ektar pass through my hands. Both were mounted in the "Graphic" Synchro-Compur. These cells screw directly into a Copal #1. Incidently, I had to have both shutters serviced. One turned out beautifully and one was donated to Carol's parts bin (I still have the cells though!). If you shutter is only "irratic" or slow, the prognosis is good. If however, it does not want to cock or has other difficulties, it is probably beyond repair. Good luck...it is a fantastic little lens.

Neil Purling
4-Jun-2008, 14:36
Considering the 127mm f4.5 Ektar was not really meant for 4x5 it does a good job.
I am sure it's a Tessar type. Mine is in the Supermatic shutter with bipost flash sync. It has a stiff speed ring but the slow speeds are fine.
Under a loupe the corners of a neg are going a little but the view was expressed here that if used with no rise you could get a 16x20 print if you shot at f22.
The problem is that it is always the slow speeds that get wayward in a disused shutter, and of course we usually need those speeds the most.

Mike Dougan
4-Jun-2008, 21:04
Thanks for the reply's.

Its as you BradS a "Graphic Syncro Compur" shutter. It was slow but had quite a bit of resistance in cocking it, sometimes it wouldn't fire. However yesterday it just gave up and the cocking lever is stuck in the cocked position.

I did open it up and I can see a spring lying loose inside (not the high speed spring) with the top loop stretched. However I suspect there is another problem with the resistance in cocking (and now stuck) lever.

I'll look out on Flea Bay for a replacement but I'll also look for a Copal #1 shutter to mount the Ektar to.

Turner Reich
4-Jun-2008, 21:36
Hello, Copal #1 and yes it will cover 4x5, not much in the way of movements, very nice lens. To remove the lens elements put a large eraser on the face of it and turn or use another firm material.

Mike Dougan
4-Jun-2008, 21:45

Thanks, I already have the lens elements out. There is a dealer in Manila who stocks LF lenses and accessory's so I'll drop by them next week.

I have to admit I have played around with this camera a bit using the ground glass to view the image and finally I see the advantage of movements! This is a bad discovery as it means the Crown Graphic is quite restrictive and I really need a proper technical camera................ LOL!!

Ahh well, thats the budget blown again!!