View Full Version : Problem with Weston Thermometer #2265

3-Jun-2008, 15:04
I bought a Weston 2265 1.5" dial thermometer in December. I bought it not for regular use, but to use it to periodically calibrate my other thermometers. Within three weeks water had gotten into the dial (I didn't immerse it except what was necessary to wash it). When the water dried it left a rusty residue that made it impossible to use. I called the manufacturer listed on the box and they told me that Weston had been sold to Jaguar Instruments in Houston. So I called them and the head sales guy said to send it in for a replacement. After numerous emails I got the address from them and sent it in about a month ago by tracked mail. After more emails and phone messages I have heard nothing back from them. If you are considering buying a new thermometer, I hope you will remember my negative experience with both the 2265 unit and Jaguar Instrument's customer service.

Keith Pitman
3-Jun-2008, 15:38
A Kodak process thermometer is excellent to use for calibrating others.

I've been told by those who know better than me that dial thermometers are not reliable.

Good luck on your replacement.

Nathan Potter
3-Jun-2008, 16:52
Use a precision lab mercury thermometer (see Fisher Scientific) or a digital +/- 0.5 degree accuracy thermometer (see Omega Instruments, etc.). The dial thermometers can then be calibrated from the lab or digital meters. Turn the hex nut under the dial to move the indicator to the correct position (on most dial thermometers). If you're a fanatic get a calibrated thermometer where the calibration is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

BTW I have a couple of Weston dials that have leaked water into the dial chamber but left only a bit of white residue. They still work OK and can still be calibrated.

Nate Potter, Austin Tx.

26-Jun-2008, 20:39
Just a note. I finally heard back from Jaguar Instruments, after over a month, and they have sent me a replacement thermometer. They also said they were looking into problems with this particular model. This restores my confidence in the firm, and I would purchase from them again.