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3-Jun-2008, 10:06
Hi everybody...I just bought a Horseman 45HD, no lenses yet though. I understand there are limitations in the range of suitable lenses when it comes to the 45HD.

It seems sensible to me to get one 150mm and one 90mm lens, I don't care if the lens can or can not be folded with the camera. It don't have to be a high end lens either.
I am not capable of making modifications to the camera so it would have to be a lens that fits without modifications.

After reading different threads it seems to me that alternatives for the 150mm lens could be:

Apo-Symmar MC150mm F5.6 or 135mm F5.6
Apo-Sironar N 150mm F5.6 or 135mm F5.6

For Wide angle lens it could be a Super-Angulon MC90mm F8 although i would prefer a faster lens.
I realize that these lenses are on the upper side of the scale, i don't really need this kind of perfection and could use cheaper lenses.

I'm new to the world of large format camera gear and don't really know where to start so if anyone one the forum had ideas and suggestions for suitable lenses ill be very thankful.

kind regards Jonas

Blue Monkey
3-Jun-2008, 11:29
Congrats on getting the 45HD. You'll love using it out in the field - very light and precise.

I just got back into LF with the 45FA and am really enjoying it. Its small and light enough to backpack all day long without tiring you out. But then it spoils you into bringing along more accessories which end up weighing you down!

You'll find some info on the Horseman site at http://www.horsemanusa.com/faq_tc.html.
If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a link to a pdf for which lenses are usable or not. Also here http://www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html.

All 4 lenses you mention will work fine on the camera. The SA90 won't fit due to the size of the rear element. However, all lenses will need to be removed from the camera before folding up. I have to remove mine and its no big deal - safer when travelling too.

My current lense kit consists of:
- Nikkor SW 65mm, f4
- Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm, f6.8
- Rodenstock Sinaron 150mm, f5.6
- Sinar Sinaron 210mm, f5.6
These 4 lenses cover all my shooting situations just fine. I was surprised to find that I got away without any recessed lense boards for the wide angles. The stock bellows worked fine and still allowed full movements at infinity. I can get by using the folding view hood for the f5.6 and f4 lenses, but the f6.8 will need a darkcloth or black T.

I've got my kitted in a regular backpack. I'll fit in the camera, 4 lenses, 20+ film holders, fuji back and film and some filters. I did get some cases from Photobackpacker for the camera and lenses to keep them padded safe. If I pack tight, I can throw in a 6x9 film back, reflex viewer and some snacks and its still hikeable with tripod in hand.

Hope the info helps you out. Enjoy the camera.

Warren Clark
3-Jun-2008, 11:32
Hi Jonas,
See www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html for a comprehensive
list of lenses usable with the FA-HD-HF cameras.

Best regards,
Warren Clark

Scott Knowles
3-Jun-2008, 15:22
I bought a 45HD about 18 months ago with Schneider lenses, Super Symmar 120mm HM and Symmar-S 150mm and 210mm lenses. The APO-Symmary 180mm lens won't fit because the rear lens is too large (posted here last year), but older versions of this lens will fit. B&H Photo stocks some 80x80 lensboards with some available on order if you need them, along with quite a few available through Ebay auctions and stores.

Brian Wallen
7-Apr-2009, 10:14
I wonder if anyone has saved a copy of the page that Warren Clark mentions. http://www.horsemanusa.com now seems defunct and I have replicated at least one page of information about Horseman technicals that used to be there, clearly identifying its original source.


Oren Grad
7-Apr-2009, 11:10
Here's the lens list: