View Full Version : bag for 8x10 back and slides.

3-Jun-2008, 02:10
I need a padded bag that will hold the 8x10 conversion kit for my p2, and 4 8x10 DDS's, anyone got any recommendations?

I was thinking something similar to a laptop bag, but the back/frame/bellows are quite a bit chunkier than a laptop.

I've got a peli 1650 which holds the p2, lenses, and all the other paraphenalia, but I pretty much have to remove everything else if I want to fit the 8x10 back and slides in.

3-Jun-2008, 09:08
there are some bags at Target that are meant to hold frozen things (I forget what you call these bags), they are padded and fit 8x10 holders pretty well. And cheap too! I don't have one, but I've seen someone use one and it looked quite handy. I'm sure it would fit bellows and back as well.

3-Jun-2008, 13:07
That's a shame, we don't have target in the UK :/

3-Jun-2008, 14:36
oh, sorry I didn't realize you were in the UK. I should have looked first!

Dan Schmidt
3-Jun-2008, 15:34
this Chrome bag might do the trick


4-Jun-2008, 03:13
Looks like it would be a tight fit, not sure the lime green suits me either :D

Think I'll just have to hit town with a tape measure.

4-Jun-2008, 03:21
Needs to have internal dimensions of:

width: 36cm (14.5 inches)
height: 36cm (14.5 inches)
depth: 2 divided sections of at least 10cm (4 inches) each. one side for the back/bellows, and one for the DDS's.

matthew blais
4-Jun-2008, 09:06
I would suggest going to a fabric store there in ye old country and asking one of the ladies there to make you one, or another seamstress,...be easy for them, and cheaper than anything related to photo gear.

4-Jun-2008, 09:54
I use a co-pilot's briefcase.
It holds the 8x10 and the filmholders wrapped in the dark cloth (also lens, loupe, spirit-level, release, degrads, shade and meter in two tupperware containers).

Glenn Thoreson
4-Jun-2008, 11:31
I have a couple of bags, given to me by a neighbor, that she was given by the hospital when she had her babies. They're about right in size and have a few smaller compartments for other things. You may want to look at something like that. They really are nicely made bags.

4-Jun-2008, 14:14
Thanks for all the suggestions!

6-Jun-2008, 05:43
It turns out that a Peli 1440 fits the bill perfectly, and also couples as a handy seat.

Richard K.
6-Jun-2008, 07:27
I need a padded bag that will hold the 8x10 conversion kit for my p2, and 4 8x10 DDS's, anyone got any recommendations?......

Pizza delivery bags (around $20)...? See:


Richard K.
6-Jun-2008, 07:30
And this (the bottom one on the page)


would work for some LF cameras AND carry your drink and sandwich as well as keep your flm cool?

6-Jun-2008, 11:32
Yeah well I'm a fool and you know what they say about a fool and his money...