View Full Version : tmax 100 versus tmax 400

2-Jun-2008, 13:52
Compared side to side how
much sharper is 100 in 8x10 format?

David Luttmann
2-Jun-2008, 14:01
Sandy King wrote an article on Tmax 400 in the latest View Cam Magazine. I recall him mentioning that you won't notice a difference from 4x5 at 16x20, and starting to at 32x40.

Don Hutton
2-Jun-2008, 14:30
Compared side to side how
much sharper is 100 in 8x10 format?Depends on numerous variables. Generally, new Tmax 400 is only slightly more grainy than Tmax 100. Kodak has some numbers on their website which don't make a whole lot of sense to me, but a little testing will be the best way for you to conclusively answer your question with your own workflow and preferences... IMO, with 8x10, you will not see any difference in a print until very large print sizes. With an excellent 4x negative of new TMY in 4x5, my own personal experience shows that I can make a very good 40x50inch print (around a 12X enlargement) - this is on the limit though and there is no room in the imaging chain for any weakness. At that size, I would expect an 8x10 neg source to start showing some advantages. Up to 20x24, from good negatives, the results should be indistiguishable. The latest emulsions are so good I have pretty much stopped shooting anything larger than 4x5 except for contact printing or the pleasure of working with a larger camera.

Gregg Cook
3-Jun-2008, 19:11
The grain look of Tmax 100 is what makes me like it.

Not the grain size.