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more photography
2-Jun-2008, 12:26
For those who own a Linhof Technikardan 45 , what is the difference between the S and none S model.

Any pros/cons.


Bob Salomon
2-Jun-2008, 12:55
The original TK system had a one piece L standard and the front standard was narrower then the rear standard.

The TKs has a three piece L standard with two straight pieces joined together to form an L. Both standards are the same width (the S has a wider front L then the original TK 45) and the S cameras have a zero detent for the tilts and the swings.

Other then that there are differences on how the green and red buttons are joined together and other minor improvements that would be natural over the lifespan of a camera that was introduced 23 years ago.

Nathan Potter
3-Jun-2008, 08:25
I've used both since their inception; one in an industrial setting and the s as a field camera. Really no practical operational differences. But you have to get used to the operation esp. the folding and the necessity for keeping a spare bellows if you try to backpack it. Great camera - the only 4X5 I have used for the last 5 years.

For stability I carry two monopods that I used to support the lens especially when using the 360 and 500 Nikon ED.

Nate Potter