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Hisun Wong
26-Mar-2001, 04:04
I would like to know whether the Master Technika can accept Fuji QuickChange fil m holder, which is 3 cm thick, without removing the ground glass.

QuickChange holder holds 8 sheets of film similar to Graphmatic except it is in plastic.

Regards Hisun

Bob Salomon
26-Mar-2001, 06:00

John Hennessy
26-Mar-2001, 19:34
<Fuji QuickChange film holder>

Did not know there was such a thing! Do you know where it is available?


Hisun Wong
26-Mar-2001, 21:38
QuickChange is available in Japan only. Film comes in prepackaged in QuickChange film holder and return as a whole for processing. QuickChange adapter takes the film holder and is inserted into the camera back. Each film holder holds 8 sheets of films. Expensive, about $35 for each film holder. But I reuse the film holder. So I am buying regular sheet film in box, load the holder myself. I am no longer limited by Readyload packaged films or QuickLoad films and Readyload packaging is expensive.

Regards Hisun