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2-Jun-2008, 05:04

I just bought my first LF camera, a beautiful 4x5 Plaubel Peco. It came with the original back and viewing screen, and with two original very thin film holders.

Yesterday I tried to use it, but I had two problems:

1- because I'm used to load film in new film holders ( those twin f.h.), prefered to use then, but they just won't fit my back!
2- Then I tried to load the film in the original, thin film holder. But, this time, the film didn't fit the holder. It seemed like the holder was a little smaller, and I had to crop the film before loading it

How can I solve the problem. Plaubel backs are very hard to find . Can i use another kind of film holder? Have I done anything stupid?

Thank you for your help

Julia Greenberg

Peter K
2-Jun-2008, 05:24
Hi Julia,

it looks like you have a 9x12cm back with 9x12cm single film holders. 9x12cm films are smaller as 4x5" films. 9x12cm b&w films are still aviable from Ilford ans some small factories but no color films.

The other possibility you look for a 4x5" back. I've seen this backs at ebay.de, the Peco U was a widespread camera used by professional photographers in Germany. With the 4x5" back you can use double sheet film holders.

2-Jun-2008, 10:33
Thank you Peter,

I really could not find any 9x12 film. I found at ebay an adapter from 13x18cm to 4x5in. I think 13x18 is the total size of the back. to you think this should work?


Thans again,


Peter K
2-Jun-2008, 10:59
Sorry this is the adapter to use Polaroid or rollfilm with a Profia 5x7" camera. You cannot use it with your camera. The back for double holders looks like the back for single holders but opens wider and is equipped with the groove for the double holders.

Peter K
2-Jun-2008, 11:09
Sheet film 9x12 cm is still aviable from Ilford http://www.ilfordphoto.com/products/productlist.asp?n=6&t=Consumer+%26+Professional+Films (http://www.ilfordphoto.com/products/productlist.asp?n=6&t=Consumer+%26+Professional+Films)
or http://www.adox.de/english/ADOX_Films/ADOX_Films/ADOX_Films/ADOX_CHS_50.html

9-Jun-2008, 07:44
Peter K,

thank you for your answer and for your tips. Knowing what the problem really was, I contacted Plaubel and ordered a real 4x5 back with a 4x5 ground glass. Total cost was about 300 euros.

Thanks again

Julia Greenberg