View Full Version : difference between a 300mm and a 210mm in 8x10?

1-Jun-2008, 13:57
what are the main difference besides the obvious length of focus.

Bob Salomon
1-Jun-2008, 14:02
Weight, filter size, coverage, shutter size - assuming you are comparing lenses of the same type (Apo Sironar S 210 vs Apo Sironar S 300).

1-Jun-2008, 14:06
a 210 is quite wide and will typically give you less room for movements. I have a 305mm g claron and a 210mm fujinon w, both of which use the same size shutter. Both cover 8x10 with movements.

1-Jun-2008, 14:08
is a g claron 305 shaper then a apo symmar 300?

John Kasaian
1-Jun-2008, 14:52
is a g claron 305 shaper then a apo symmar 300?

The G Claron is smaller, lighter, and only opens up to f/9. G Clarons are very sharp but I haven't had the opportunity to compare one to an APO Symmar. Also, G Clarons are single coated, not multi.

1-Jun-2008, 16:57
g clarons aren't made for shooting at infinity. look them up on schneider's site.
They are much much smaller and lighter than apo symmar's though. I have a 240mm apo-symmar listed here if you'd like to try that focal length.

Michael Kadillak
2-Jun-2008, 08:47
g clarons aren't made for shooting at infinity.

Neither were the Artars but photographers quickly realized that these and the G Clarons were fabulous performers at infinity as well as macro. At infinity all one needs to do with the G Clarons is to stop down to at least f22 to excise some optical abberations and they absolutely smoke in the results department.

The 355 G Claron is an absolute must own lens for anyone that shoots anything larger than 8x10.

Jiri Vasina
2-Jun-2008, 09:00
my 305mm Repro-Claron is my sharpest lens. And it has quite a few scratches (or defects in the front element coating) and yet it beats all my other lenses hands down - and I shoot it close to infinity (well definitely not in the macro range) all the time. I have yet to compare it to my other process lens - 480mm Apo-Ronar, though...