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Raven Garrow
16-Sep-1998, 23:59
Does anyone know if Canham makes a 2x3 camera, who sells these cameras, and who I could contact for info?

I didn't see this camera in the B&H catalogue, its not advertised in Shutterbug, (I presently am not a subscriber to ViewCamera magazine),and when I tried to ge t to www.viewcamera.com, the website was not available???

Thank you for your response. Raven

Michael Wellman
17-Sep-1998, 01:03
I don't think Canham makes a 2x3 camera. I can't recall seeing one offered in t heirs or Wisner's literature. IF this is something your interested in I would c all Ron Wisner and ask how much he would charge to build you one. I'd be willin g to bet that Canham probably would build you one too. The big question is for "How much?"

Ellis Vener
17-Sep-1998, 04:27
Hi Raven, Canham does not make a 2x3 (6x9cm) camera that I am aware of, and I talk to keit h about once a month. On the other hand I use a Horseman 6x9cm back with my Canh am DLC on a regular basis. i really like this combination but I would like very much to get my hands on a reasonably priced slide in roll film holder like the T oyo or Sinar designs.

Have you looked up the Canham DLC review (under Canham metal camera) on this sit e's frontpage or the Canham DLC thread further down on this Q&A page?

BTW, despite my fervor for the Canham DLC and the Arca Swiss F-Line I am not a d ealer, nor am I trying to justify my equipment choices as another poster suggest ed a while back in a different thread. If these choices didn't work for me I'd m ake other choices.