View Full Version : Testing expired provia

scott russell
1-Jun-2008, 09:43
So I got 50 sheets of provia 4x5 that expired 2004. What's the best way to shoot a test of this to see if there is any color/contrast shift short of buying a fresh box and comparing it side by side. Is there a color/density chart that I could shoot to give me an idea of its accuracy. Would just developing an unexposed sheet reveal anything. If its neutral; it would just be a clear sheet, right?

1-Jun-2008, 10:08

I've shot 2 year outdated film that has been kept cool, and haven't noticed any color shifts. Since you are concerned about the possibility of color shift, it may be easiest to shoot a couple of sheets under your normal shooting conditions, process the film then put the trannies on a light table and see how they look. If they look goofy to you, then ask a friend to take a peek. If they look goofy to two sets of eyes, it may be time to get some fresh film. I don't know if developing an unexposed sheet would reveal any visible info.

scott russell
1-Jun-2008, 13:56
sounds good. i forgot to mention that the reason i wanna make sure its reliable is because i have the option to buy more of the same exact film.