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robert fallis
1-Jun-2008, 08:52
I've got a 4x5 polaroid back no550, I have used Fuji instant film in it, but it seems in short supply at the moment, does anyone know the number of the polaroid film that fits this back


Dave Parker
1-Jun-2008, 10:00
Take a look at the link, there is all the various types of film and what backs they can be used in, unfortunately they also may be difficult to find as Polaroid announce they were stopping production of their film products.



robert fallis
1-Jun-2008, 10:46
Thanks Dave,
that link solves the problem

Michael S. Briggs
1-Jun-2008, 12:13
The 550 Polaroid holder takes 4x5 PACK film. http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landfilm.htm indeed has the list of films for this holder, but that webpage is out of date in its statement that those films are made to the present. They were discontinued a few years ago, well before the recent discontinuation of the 4x5 SHEET films (for the 545 holders). I expect that any Polaroid 4x5 pack film that you could find would be defective from age. The best option is to locate some of the Fuji 4x5 instant film that fits this holder. (Be sure not to get the smaller format Fuji instant film that has a similar name -- look for 45 as a suffix.)

2-Jun-2008, 08:16
I suspect that the short supply of Fuji film may be related to not being able to get Polaroid film. Hopefully Fuji will ramp up production to compensate.