View Full Version : For you brown box story fans...

31-May-2008, 08:45
Another one has found it way home. It's not a Chamonix, it's not a Ebony WP and it's not a 5x7. It's my Richard Ritter 7x17. Well half of my Richard Ritter 7x17. One box of two has arrived with back & bellows and film holder. Just got to wait for the other box to arrive for the rails, front standard and other film holders. Talk about joy and frustration!

Sorry no pics. I'll post some when it's all put together and in all it's glory.

Thanks Richard.

robert fallis
31-May-2008, 08:55
I have an 5x4 enlarger that came in two boxes one stright to Lincoln in two days and one in a week via leeds and wakefield
look forward to seeing your camera