View Full Version : Use of crocian scarlet to spot negs

Natha Congdon
26-Mar-2001, 16:41
Dick Arentz mentions using crocian scarlet (spelling?) to spot negs in his book on Platinum printing. I had never heard of it before, but then saw and bought s ome at a store over the weekend. The entire sum of Kodak's included instruction s for the use of this chemical, sold in dry form, was "Don't eat it." While thi s seems a sound basis on which to build, it's somewhat less in the way of user s upport than I might have hoped for. What sort of dilution does one tend to star t with? Any special hints/concerns/issues? Anything special about using it for Platinum versus silver (I'll be using it on negs for both)? Can it be washed o ff easily if I overdo it? Toxicity (if not deliberately ingested straight from the bottle)?

Thanks in advance for your help!


David F. Stein
26-Mar-2001, 17:23
Get a hold of Looten's On Photographic Enlarging for the definite before-we-had Photoshop take on crocian scarlet!

Dean Lastoria
26-Mar-2001, 20:28
Second that Looten's -- He looks like Danny Kaye, but he made me almost want to buy a bottle -- well 6 bottles, but I'm too clumsy. Dean