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30-May-2008, 02:01
Hello guys, I am asking you for an advise.
Does anyone sells a flash cable using modern X-connector to Graflex 2-pin on this lens ? The goal is to connect my Metz CL 45 to this old lens.
I appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks

Greg Lockrey
30-May-2008, 02:12
Try this website:http://www.graflex.org/helpboard/viewtopic.php?p=14669&sid=8914e0e5dd1676c04375d0298a770736

30-May-2008, 02:13
You could probably make an adapter pretty easy :)

Whenever I need something similar, head down to your local vintage camera shop (am I the only one who still has that kinda shop locally?) and pick up the two cables you want to connect together. They pretty much have the same innards, just cut and solder, tie, or glue the ends.

Best thing is to get a flash slave, or extender cable or anything with the female X that usually goes on your lens (to plug the flash into) and adapt the male end of that to your lens. That way you can keep the adapter on the camera and plug the flash in when necessary.

30-May-2008, 02:14
Greg, you type faster than me ;)

Greg Lockrey
30-May-2008, 02:28
Greg, you type faster than me ;)

No, I just type less. ;) ;)

Dan Fromm
30-May-2008, 02:49
Paramount cords does.

30-May-2008, 05:44
Thank you all for your comments.
Regards Jiri

arkady n.
30-May-2008, 07:24
B&H sells Paramount converter cords.
Here is a link, if it does not work, search their site for Paramount bi-post

erie patsellis
30-May-2008, 09:52
shaver cords and the like work well, and are as close as your nearest radio shack.l That cord will get to to a household style sync connection, then an inexpensive HH female to PC cord will get you the rest of the way.


Greg Lockrey
30-May-2008, 19:11
Here's Paramounts website, they send overseas too. http://www.paramountcords.com/

30-May-2008, 23:39
Erie , thank you , I'll try.