View Full Version : polaroid 55 center peel design

30-May-2008, 01:08
i see in bhphotovideo web page two types of polaroid 55 one of them is more expensive and say is center peel design ,
anyone know the difference?
comments welcome

Ted Stoddard
30-May-2008, 04:19
I do not know but I ordered a box to try it out... I can compare once I get it... I do have some P55 negs that were shot not to long ago maybe I will shoot the same subject and do a comparison...I will post results as soon as time allows...

Ted Stoddard
4-Jun-2008, 20:57
I got my box of P55 "Center Peel" I see no difference in the two as of yet...

7-Jun-2008, 00:33
Hey Ted,

I'm interested in what the difference is as well (if you find any).