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Joan Girdler
29-May-2008, 11:24
Have an 8x10 Deardorff and a 300mm Goerz Dagor 12 inch lens. What does this mean?
Can I do close-ups with this lens? What is this lens intended for? Thank you.

Glenn Thoreson
29-May-2008, 12:03
Your lens is what would be considered a "normal" focal length for an 8X10 camera. That means it will do fine for everything from landscape views to distances as short as your bellows extension will allow. If you want to do extreme close up work or macro, you will need a lens with shorter focal length and possibly a larger image circle for more coverage on the negative. There are folks here who are more knowledgeable in the close up area.

Walter Calahan
29-May-2008, 12:11
Set it up on a tripod and look around. You can't break it (unless you drop it -ouch), so learn by doing.

You have a great combination of gear there. See how close you can get before you run out of bellows or image circle.

Mostly, have FUN!

Dan Fromm
29-May-2008, 12:36
Joan, your Dagor will more than cover 8x10. You didn't mention, among other things, whether it is in a shutter. No shutter, no easily timed exposures.

About closeup with y'r Dagor. No reason why not. The lens is nearly symmetrical, should be well-corrected for closeups. Dagor types have been sold for just that application. And when Dagors were new and the world was young and all that, they were sold as general purpose lenses.

Coverage won't be an issue, it has enough and image circle grows as magnification increases. At 1:1, the circle covered is twice as large as the circle covered at infinity.

Pardon my ignorance, but I know nothing about Deardorffs. You'll need 600 mm of extension to shoot at 1:1. I don't know if your camera offers that much. But you can certainly use all it has.

Good luck, have fun,


Joan Girdler
29-May-2008, 12:46
Thank you and everyone for your help. The lens has a Copay 3 shutter -all of the equip. is in pristine condition. I got lucky. Joan

Joan Girdler
29-May-2008, 12:48
Thank you one and all. Dan the shutter is a a Copal 3. All equip. is in pristine condition.
Beginner's luck. Joan

Ben Hopson
29-May-2008, 12:49
The Deardorff bellows should be in the 30" range so 1:1 should not be a problem with the 12" Dagor.

Good luck,


Joan Girdler
29-May-2008, 12:50
Copal 3 shutter. F 6.8. Beautiful conditon. Beginner's luck. Thank you for your help.