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29-May-2008, 10:42
Freestyle is selling some interesting new ADOX fiber papers. However, I'm not sure whether they are re-badged Fotokemika, Efke or Foma, or whether they are a new, "Made in Germany" paper. Anyone try them yet?

matthew blais
29-May-2008, 10:46
I used the fineprint last year, then again. The emulsion changed and the second batch was a flatter look..not as contrasty and whites not as bright..for me at least. The stuff I got first was very nnice.

Who knows who makes what anymore..

Nana Sousa Dias
21-Jun-2008, 13:08
I've tryed the new Adox MCC 111. To me it's the best fiberbase paper I ever tryed. I think it's not for sale yet, I received, from the factory, 5 8x10" sheets, to try, with an attached questionary. I think they are still testing the paper.
It has a very clear base very smoth grey tonalities, it dries very flat. I find it very close to Agfa 111 Classic, with a clear base. I tried it with normal developer (dektol) and Rollei Warmtone Developer.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 12:04
ive tried adox, the paper is by far the worst product i have ever had the misfortune to use, its has flaws all over the paper, black spots, yellowing, black fringing and probably other problems that i was unwilling to look into

after contacting adox for a refund i was told that this is quite normal for there product

Gene McCluney
4-Feb-2009, 12:48
ive tried adox, the paper is by far the worst product i have ever had the misfortune to use, its has flaws all over the paper, black spots, yellowing, black fringing and probably other problems that i was unwilling to look into

after contacting adox for a refund i was told that this is quite normal for there product

You are saying that Adox told YOU that the flaws you experienced are typical and NORMAL for their paper? You are SURE they told you that???

Adox is a name applied to product manufactured by at least 2 or possibly 3 manufacturers. It would be silly to think that ALL 3 manufacturers turn out product that has flaws in every box. You need to narrow down your displeasure to a specific manufacturer.

You are the ONLY PERSON who has posted here that has experienced problems with ADOX branded paper. There have been some remarks about sheet film having a rather soft emulsion, but that is not paper.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 14:11
thats my opinion and the facts from where im standing.

i have no reason to lie to anyone, im out of pocket and the paper is no good, thats it

i have no other way other than putting it through my inkjet printer to make a decent image on this paper

infact maybe i could, the back of the paper is white so it may work

do you think it is worth making my own custom profile for it?

Eric Rose
4-Feb-2009, 16:16
I have used the ADOX paper in question and have never had a problem. I strongly doubt that the manufacturer or distributor would claim that these problems are the norm. I have looked at the photos of the "problem" paper and can not rule out user error.

I am sure I'm going to suffer the wrath of Pablo for these opinions but they are just that, opinions. Based on over 40 years of printing I might add.

I am sure Pablo thinks he can somehow damage ADOX sales by posting his tail of woe all over the net, but as mentioned there are a legion of happy ADOX users out there that are quite willing to refute these claims and have not suffered the same experiences.

If in fact the paper was received by Pablo in this unusable condition then I would suspect the cause is resident with any number of sources, none of which are ADOX.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 16:55
i think i will try your technique of storing paper out of the box and see if its ok after

my box is as good as none at all, and you would have me believe that this would cause no damage

i challenge you to go and remove all the boxs from your paper store and leave them like that for a few months

do we have a deal??

Eric Rose
4-Feb-2009, 17:21
all my paper is stored in light tight paper safes. I think we have heard enough Pablo.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 17:31
why do you store paper in paper safes surely just the internal plastic bag is ok to protect it

thats the adox way dont you know

Gene McCluney
4-Feb-2009, 17:34
This guy is ressurecting any and all posts relating to Adox and adding negative comments. Not only here, but over at APUG..user name Juggler. A troll.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 18:01
you can believe what you like

i bought new paper from adox
it is the worst paper i have ever used

and adox wont even entertain that damaged packaging (hole 6cm long in box) could possibly be the cause, even though it clearly states on the box that the packaging should be undamaged or a replacement will be given

oh no its all my fault ,a 20 year darkroom professional who leaves his darkroom door open

im ashamed to be a photographer, that attitiude is enough to push me out of this profession for good.

photography seems to be dead

Colin Graham
4-Feb-2009, 18:35
buck up dude, it gets better.

pablo batt
4-Feb-2009, 19:04
trust me i have been let down so many times recently by suppliers i am on the verge of throwing in the towel

never thought id say that

5-Feb-2009, 08:10
For what it is worth, I recently have been using some fresh Efke Varycon (Adox Vario Classic) paper. It is remarkable stuff. It has a tonality closer to what papers looked like 50 years ago. Not as contrasty as modern papers, but with beautiful mid-gray tonality. One of the best papers I have used, though not suitable for every situation. It has a slightly velvety surface - not quite glossy. A couple of notes however, it needs to spend about 50% longer in the developer and it does have lower quality control. These are predominantly tiny defects that can be corrected through spotting. When Adox starts manufacturing its 111 Agfa clone, that and Varycon will pretty much fill out my fiber paper needs. Though I'll need a warmtone once in a while.

Sal Santamaura
5-Feb-2009, 13:21

pablo batt
5-Feb-2009, 13:36
some minor defects x 100 for me

it is now in the bin and my customer service nightmare is over

im relieved but also sad as i today packed away my darkroom and cameras for at least the forseable future

pulled the half rolls from my camera and am selling up

this business survives on reputation and honesty, both are now in short supply and i am not willing to take part any longer

photography died for me today

pablo batt
5-Feb-2009, 15:22
check my flickr stream for details of emails





pablo batt
6-Feb-2009, 12:10
moderator you failed to shut down this thread

John T
6-Feb-2009, 12:34
I thought photography was dead to you.

I'm still interested in the paper and those people who have used more than one package to report on their feelings about it.

pablo batt
6-Feb-2009, 13:00
hi i have a package you can have its unopened and is 40x 50cm x 25

its free mail me

Jim Galli
6-Feb-2009, 13:12
Another happy ADOX customer. I was fortunate enough to be in the group that tried out the new AGFA remake MC111 product and found it superb in every way. It's hard to get a notable picture with just 5 sheets to play with but I got at least 4 keepers out of the 5 sheets and in fact mailed at least one I can remember to another photographer friend who was in the portrait I printed.


Eric Biggerstaff
6-Feb-2009, 14:29
I reviewed the Adox MC111 paper not long ago and was given 50 sheets to work with. As Jim noted above, it is excellent and will become my primary paper once it hits the market. Last word I got was that it should arrive this spring to Freestyle ( so count on summer).

pablo batt
6-Feb-2009, 15:14
or i can pay you to take it away

6-Feb-2009, 15:29
Even after the last thread was locked (in two different forums, no less), blablo continues his tirade... incredible!

pablo batt
6-Feb-2009, 15:33
my tirade is well deserved and will never stop

6-Feb-2009, 15:35
what if we all took up a collection to reimburse you for the expense of your paper... then would you go away?

John T
6-Feb-2009, 15:36
But what would happen if one of the $ bills has spots on it? Then it would start all over again.

Bjorn Nilsson
6-Feb-2009, 15:40
moderator you failed to shut down this thread

Now, this forum works different from some others. We normally try to discuss things in a very civilized way, trying to learn from eachother. In this case you was given a warning saying something like "Let us together agree to stop this now.". That is indeed the nice way of saying it without stepping on anyones toes. That is: A warning.
It seem like you have gotten everyone elses opinion about Adox's products and we have certainly gotten your point by now.
Now, if you decide to keep it up anyhow, there is a possibility the moderator(s) will blacklist you from this forum, apart from deleting the threads etc. which is another way of (hopefully) ending these threads.
(I've once been a moderator on this forum myself, so I think I know the rules and what to look out for. Having said that I just want to point out that I have absolutely no "powers" nowadays, I'm just an ordinary user, with "ordinary" opinions.)