View Full Version : My circa 1906-9108 Dagor "wild child"

John Kasaian
29-May-2008, 08:58
It's a 12" Series III in a very very tired Compur. So tired that I'm waiting for Carol Miller be able to work her magic it but in the meanwhile I was wondering if anyone here uses a similar (US built?) Dagor and what they think of these senior citizens?
Around the rim it reads:
Goerz Dagor F6.8 --US PAT NO526155 SERIES III (illegible) FOCUS 12 IN No 223405
This one might have survived the big SF Quake!!!

29-May-2008, 21:07
My 12" Dagor is decidedly a senior citizen. I don't know how it compares to yours, though. Mine reads:


SERIES III No 6 FOC 12 IN. No 7196_

It looks like there might have been another numeral after the "6" in the serial number, but if so, it's obliterated by a "beauty mark". It's interesting that yours read PAT No 526155 and mine reads PAT No 528155. Maybe your 6 is an 8?

My lens has a lot of coverage. I used it on 11x14 and it had room to spare. Overall it's kind of soft, but not necessarily in a good way. Even so, I'm happy with it; it was $66 on Ebay.

29-May-2008, 21:47
I am not familiar with the DAGOR but I have used a Burke and James which I have been told is the dagor design (please educate me). Here is a photo with B&J 12-inch. Craig

30-May-2008, 04:18
I am finding that the Senior Citizen lens'es are fun to shot with [because] you have to learn the good spots and their weak spots to get the best out of them:
And Jim Galli and othwers here have done so well with their oldies but goodies

E. von Hoegh
31-May-2008, 18:38
6" series3, No. 1 Patent 528155, in an early Compound.
9 1/2" series 3 No.3. No patent#, was in early Compound, now in an Alphax from one of those sillyscope lenses.

Both are excellent lenses.

If you look up the patent , you will find that it covers the standard Dagor construction, as well as the "reverse" (Angulon) Dagor construction.