View Full Version : Anybody doing 8x10 Chromes in Jobo Print drum

Erik Larsen
28-May-2008, 18:48
Hi Folks,

A little advice please. Does anyone use a Jobo 2830 print drum to process 8x10 in E6?
I have a cpe2 plus and have used this drum for b/w in sizes up to 11x14 with no problems, but I wonder if not having much flow on the back of the film might effect a chrome differently. I have on occasion had to re wash 8x10 tri x because of a little pink that didn't wash off completely, but after washing in a tray all was well again.
Will I have a problem with E6 8x10's in this 2830 drum?
I appreciate any advice anyone can give, as I would like to give it a try if it is feasible.