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28-May-2008, 17:04
I am not a photographer and don't know much more than pushing the button on my cell phone camera. I have a neighbor whose husband was recently killed. She's 71 and myself and another neighbor are helping her dispose of her stuff. In the process of cleaning out, we found the above described lens. She has no clue about it. We are trying to sell it for her but have no clue as to what it should sell for, not even sure I could tell you the condition. I don't see any scratches. Where the lens cover goes on, the metal rim has a slight dent in it but it is not much at all. Not even sure why her or her husband would even have this.

Would appreciate any help whatsoever that anyone can provide. Or even where I would begin to sell it. I know there's always ebay and I've sold on ebay but that's on stuff I'm familiar with. I don't know how old this is or if that matters...if they're all the same no matter what age????

I'm a court reporter and I'm clearly out of my game on something like this. And actually almost missed it. The movers found it underneath the bed along with an Osawa Mark II 70mm F4/f5 210 lens.

Again, appreciate any help. this lady has lost everything, husband and then a crazy son who choked and robbed her. So whatever we can get for it and where to start would be a help for her financially.


Sheldon N
28-May-2008, 20:07
I would recommend putting it on Ebay, where you have a track record as an established seller - even if you haven't sold camera gear in the past.

It is too high risk for anyone here to send you a bunch of money for a high end lens, when we don't know you or whether you are a legitimate person. If you are willing to sell locally, post your location and I'm sure someone would be glad to buy it in person for cash.

There is a reason why the "For Sale" section here is restricted from brand new members - to prevent people from posting too good to be true stories that ultimately turn out to be scams. I know someone who got burned just a couple months ago.

30-May-2008, 13:00
Thanks so much. And I have been referred to a seller on ebay that is reputable and I've done selling on ebay myself. I just didn't know what I was dealing and thanks to some of the private messages that have helped a lot and my local camera shop to at least give it a look and see what condition it's in. And I totally get the for sale being for the members who have been on here longer. Thanks to any who responded with helpful suggestions.


Ken Lee
30-May-2008, 13:54
If you don't want to go through the hassle of eBay, you can call Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange (http://www.mpex.com), and he will quote you a fair price for it.

As a retailer, Jim will naturally offer you less than if you were to sell it yourself (since he will sell it subsequently), but it will be a more convenient, speedy, and trustworthy approach.

Peter De Smidt
31-May-2008, 09:39
Do a search on Ebay's completed auctions. That'll give you a good idea of value. You can also check out what KEH is asking for the lens. When you list the lens on Ebay, take very good pictures. The more the better.