View Full Version : Help with Sinaron lens pricing

Ed Richards
27-May-2008, 15:24
I am trying to find pricing on new Sinaron lenses for my insurance claim - see Stolen Lenses. I need pricing on:

90mm W 6.8
150mm SE 5.6
210mm S 5.6

A link to a dealer page with prices (US$) would be great. None of the usual vendors list these on their pages.

Ron Marshall
27-May-2008, 16:46
KEH has an S150 (not SE), also has an S210:


Oren Grad
27-May-2008, 16:52
Calumet is a Sinar dealer now. Although they show only the latest digital Sinarons on their website, perhaps they can help.

Frank Petronio
27-May-2008, 17:13
Gee even if you get a fraction of Sinar list prices that will soften the blow ;-) Don't they charge $1800 for a Rodenstock you can buy on eBay for $350?