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Phil Hudson
27-May-2008, 14:36
Hi all,

I have a couple of Arca-Swiss Monolith function carriers which have issues. I think the focus drive mechanism is the same as early F-Line models if anyone reading has experience of these.

The first one won't tighten onto the rail properly. No combination of turning the focus drive or locking knobs seems to clamp the carrier to the rail. On the second one, it will lock securely but turning the focus knob does not make the carrier move (it slips).

Short of sending these back to Arca-Swiss (and a potentially very long wait), does anyone have experience with these things and their likely causes?

I have taken the knobs off the drive and I see a couple of springs which may be faulty but there's not much to it really. Does anyone know what these springs should look like on a good carrier? As I mentioned I think the focus drive mechanism is the same as the earlier F-Line carriers where there is a distinctly separate metal bar which is squeezed against the rail block when locking the focus to provide friction.

I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow of what I've got.

Any pointers gratefully received!


Sheldon N
27-May-2008, 21:38
It's hard to say exactly what the problem is without photos, but I'll venture a guess. I've only messed with the F-Line cameras, so this may not help out on the Monolith.

If the focus knobs have a rubber grip on them, this can be removed (peeled off) with a little effort. That should reveal a hole that has a small allen wrench head screw at the bottom which connects the knob to the focus drive and focus lock. If this is loose, it can cause the focus knob or the focus lock knob to "free wheel" and spin with some resistance but without tightening the lock or moving the focusing gear. Try to get this as tight as possible.

If grease has gotten where it shouldn't, that might also cause inadvertent slipping inside that knob on the little "axle". A little bit of Ronsonol lighter fluid is excellent for getting old grease/oil out of hard to reach places. It's not caustic and evaporates away.

Good luck - post photos if this doesn't work!

Phil Hudson
28-May-2008, 02:48
Thanks Sheldon - I'll try that on the one that is slipping and report back. I didn't know that those rubber grips came off......