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27-May-2008, 03:21
Has anyone used one of these processors and does anyone know if they are still serviceable (and at what price)? I've come across a Model 5 that is listed as non-functional but dirt cheap. Also what accessories are must have items?

27-May-2008, 07:50
I have never owned one, so this all may be nonsense, however, I did research them a few years ago (wound up with a Jobo instead).

Potential issues I saw with the Wing Lynch were:

May want to be plugged in and running all the time to stay tempered
May need Nitrogen tank for pressure to drive the system
May need special tanks/reels (not compatible with other popular systems)
Wing Lynch parts may not be available.

Potential advantages

May be able to get one cheap or free
May be easier to cobble together generic spare parts (made in USA) (pumps, motors, tubing, etc)
Seemed to have more metal than plastic, compared to Jobo (possibly better built?)

Hopefully someone that owns a Wing Lynch will chime in here...

Gene McCluney
27-May-2008, 09:12
My buddy had one of these when he had a studio. It does require nitrogen pressurization of the on-board chemical storage tanks, as the gas pressure pushes up the required amount of chemistry into the processing tank. The Wing-Lynch does require connection to incoming water and outgoing drain, and Nitrogen cylinder. It has plug-in programs (hardware) for various processes (E-6, C-41, B/W). It is a completely automatic processing machine. You load the film tank, push a button and walk away until done. Nitrogen is an inert gas you get from local welding supply houses. You rent the cylinder (by the year, nominal expense) and purchase the contents. Since it is not flammable, there are no specific restrictions on purchase.

erie patsellis
27-May-2008, 10:06
Having a 4, and getting a pro 6 this weekend, here are my observations:

Depending on the model, the 4 needs running water, the pro 6 doesn't, though it can be added as an option. (I don't know about the 5)

The 4 uses the cards, the 5 & 6 are front panel programmable.

All W-L processors require a 60 psi nitrogen supply, very inexpensive and eliminates expensive pumps.

While basically one shot processors, the 4, 5 , and 6 processors can be configured for solution recovery, great if you do E6 or C41, as the bleach and fix can be reused/regenerated.

If it doesn't come with at least tubes, pass, as they are expensive when you do find them, on my 4 and the pro 6, you can use stainless reels for 35mm/120/220, and special tubes for 4x5 and 8x10.

hope that at least points you in a direction.


27-May-2008, 10:12
Thanks Eric. I think that is extremely helpful.

Supposedly there is a tube for 4X5 that will do 12 sheets. I don't know if its included. I'll try to schedule an appointment.

Can you give me an idea on the size and weight of the processor?


erie patsellis
27-May-2008, 13:45
weight is about 100# I"m told, size, I'll let you know after saturday....


Fred L
27-May-2008, 14:21
I don't remember which model I used back in the day at a large daily but what I do remember was that if the dam isn't seated correctly, you are pooched.

erie patsellis
27-May-2008, 20:22
OK from the manual 18 in H x 30 in W x 24 in D

Shipping weight 130 pounds.

Gary Nylander
27-May-2008, 20:53
Fred is right about the dam, you are hooped if its not seated correctly.....I last used a model 4E at the paper I work for in October of 2001, then we went digital, its actually still at the paper, collecting dust in the old darkroom.

erie patsellis
27-May-2008, 21:12
Gary, any 4x5 or 8x10 tubes, by any chance?


Gary Nylander
27-May-2008, 23:13

We only had tubes for 35mm.


28-May-2008, 03:37
I may have some tubes for sheet film - I have a Model 4 no longer used. Will check my "goodies" boxes.

28-May-2008, 08:33
I think that looks like the problem with the one I found. Besides being non-operational, it doesn't appear to have any tubes. It appears to have the tanks though.

It would probably cost no more than $20, but you have to pick it up.

erie patsellis
28-May-2008, 09:44
I'd be interested in 4x5 and 8x10 tubes for sure, any others possibly.


Mark Sampson
28-May-2008, 12:27
My long experience with a Wing-Lynch 4E suggests that the 8x10 setup is a kluge, even development is a random thing. The device is best for 35mm and roll film. 4x5 works ok.

10-Jun-2008, 09:14
The sheet film tubes have been sold.

John Brotherton
4-Aug-2008, 06:20
I need the instruction page to use the 8x10 film tube for the model 5 wing lynch. Any chance that someone has one to share?