View Full Version : Kodak Synchro 800

27-May-2008, 01:30

Does someone have an experience with Kodak Synchro 800 shutter? It is used with Ektar 101mm f/4.5 lens. Does it really come close to 1/800s?

Glenn Thoreson
27-May-2008, 11:36
In a word, no. If it's even reasonably accurate at slower speeds, I find that about 1/500 is possible, but still unlikely. Fast speeds on old shutters fall off horribly at speeds faster than 1/100. You can always get lucky, though.

Paul Fitzgerald
27-May-2008, 21:44
They also have a design defect, a second set of shutter blades that seem to break most of the time. It's not a problem with sheet film holders, but these were on roll film folders, instant double exposure.

Mark Sampson
28-May-2008, 12:36
Even the late SK Grimes couldn't fix one that I had- parts are no longer available.