View Full Version : Goerz "Six In One" lens set?

David Lindquist
26-May-2008, 15:13
The Satz-Dagor thread reminded me to inquire about the following Goerz lens set. I found it described in “Industrial Photographic Catalogue/1966” (copyright 1965). This catalogue was from: Industrial Photographic Products, Inc., 8618 Fenton St., Silver Spring, MD:

“GOERZ SIX IN ONE MULTIFOCUS LENS SET combines high quality double anastigmat lenses with range of six focal lengths all in one shutter (150mm-450mm) for 4 X 5 and 5 X 7 format. Features full color correction, hard coated optics, quick-snap in lens mounts, easy to read lens markings, and leather carrying case, $496. Compur EX/2 sync. shutter 1 sec to 1/200th plus T-B, $79”

There was no illustration of this lens set. I have not come across it in any other catalogues or buying guides from that era. And in particular it is not listed in either my 1965 or 1969 Burke & James catalogues, and B&J seemed to be a distributor of the full Goerz line in those years. I have two price lists from Goerz from about that time, one dated 3-15-67 and one dated 10-10-67. This lens set is not listed on these either. I have a recollection of seeing one listed in Shutterbug Ads some years ago. Has anyone ever seen this product or know more about it? Just curious, I’ve always been something of a Goerz freak.

E. von Hoegh
26-May-2008, 16:30
Mr Lindquist,

Goerz made a Pantar convertible lens, in which each cell was corrected for coma and if I rember correctly, consisted of 5 cemented elements.

Maybe this is a Pantar, I seem to recall reading that it was sold in casket sets.

26-May-2008, 19:33
No idea about the lens, but Industrial Photo was for many years the best camera store in the Washington DC area. It was cavernous and they carried all sorts of new and used photographica. It was a sad day to see that store go and herald the "Ritzification" of camera stores.