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robert fallis
26-May-2008, 06:19
I'm thinking of buying a weston master 111 does anyone know what ASA settings are available on it, as I wish to use it with paper negs


Justin Cormack
26-May-2008, 07:00
My Master V goes from 0.1 to 16000 ASA! - suspect the 3 is similar.

26-May-2008, 07:31
The III is quite different to the Master. It uses Weston film settings for film speed. I have Sngamo Weston's 1961 Advert open beside me, as I write. It goes to 5,000 Weston (New) whichis the same as ASA/BS arith, the II uses a different Westo system.

Beware also the cells don't often read fully after this length of time, that goes for later models like the IV's and V's as well.


26-May-2008, 07:48
I'm no expert in Weston meters, but I thought the Master II was the last to show Weston numbers. I've used a couple of Weston IIIs, though for the past 25 years.

My Master III (in front of me now) has Exposure Index (ASA) from .1 to 3.2M

EDIT: There may be a difference between the black and chrome-colored Weston IIIs. The black one was British-built and the silver was US-built. Notice that the black one is clearly marked "Weston Rating" but the silver one is not:


EDIT: My Master IIIs are all silver colored.

robert fallis
26-May-2008, 08:10
thanks everybody that's what I needed to know have put a bid on the thing


26-May-2008, 08:44
Brian, the photograph in the Sangamo Weston III advert is clearly marked as Weston speeds, as is the wording in the advert, but of course as the speeds are BS/ASA they may well have changed the markings on the scale.


Chauncey Walden
26-May-2008, 09:49
I have a dozen or so Westons, and have looked at a lot more, and it has been my experience that a II or III is more likely to be still working (and can often be found near new in the original box with wrapped cord and everything for $10) than is a IV or V. I like them for use with older cameras and lenses that aren't marked in the current scale of speeds. For those, I have a Euromaster and a Euromaster II. I should probably have a V rebuilt while the service is still available.

Justin Cormack
26-May-2008, 10:00
Who rebuilds them? How much is it? I have a dead V as well as a live one.

26-May-2008, 11:19
all the answers can be found here

Scott Sharp
26-May-2008, 11:29
I'd recommend Quality Light Metric in Hollywood, California. They've worked on a Weston III, a V and my Euromaster. Usually the selenium cell needs to be replaced or the meter needs to be re-calibrated. They did an excellent job. Do a search under their name to read comments on their services.

7095 Hollywood Blvd. #550, Hollywood, CA 90028

Phone: 323-467-2265