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25-May-2008, 16:53
Howdy, well I wobbled back from a photofair today, with a fresh Fujinon-W 125mm f5.6 in my pack. I'm interested in it's stats however, particularly coverage and resolution... because most of the stats out there seem to be for the 52mm thread size lens, rather than what I have, which is the 55mm filter thread size lens. Any ideas?

David Karp
25-May-2008, 17:42

25-May-2008, 17:51
thanks Dave.

That does tell me more info than I knew already, however hilariously, it has question marks beside image circle and angle, which is something that I was curious about. Well as they say in Quebec. C'est la tabernac.

David Karp
25-May-2008, 18:06
I have heard that the 55mm version had the same specs as the 52mm version, but never confirmed with hard information (other than the above site with the question marks).

By the way, if the performance is indeed identical to the 52mm NW version you should be very satisfied. I have the 52mm version and it is my favorite 4x5 lens.

25-May-2008, 20:28
Yep, I am crossing my fingers in hope that it is......