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25-May-2008, 12:54
Has anyone ever used an M-monolith function carrier on an F-Field camera? I'm wondering whether it is possible to replace my rear F-Field function carrier with a rear M-monolith function carrier. Looking at the brochure the M carrier seems much bigger (taller) than the F-Field carrier and I'm worried that I'd have to apply front rise to bring the two standard frames to the same height. This would obviously then restrict how much more rise was available from the front standard.

M-monlith owners: I'm also trying to find out the measurements and weight of the M-Monlith function carrier (or standard holders) - when I say 'function carrier' Imean the unit that sits on the rails and under the frame, and which moves up and down the rail when focusing. I'm would particularly like the height from the rail to the top of the function carrier. This measurement would help me to figure out whether the two different standards would be aligned at the same height or if I would need to apply rise to the front F-Field standard. I've checked the AS documentation and this info is not published.



25-May-2008, 17:59
The frame dovetail mountings are the same on both the M-Monolith and F cameras—at least on the newer 141mm series cameras—so I don’t see why you could not use the M-Monolith function carrier on an F-Field camera. As you noted, the M-Monolith function carrier is somewhat taller than the F-Metric function carrier so, on the newer 141mm series 4x5 cameras, you would need to raise the F-Metric front carrier about 37mm to compensate for a M-Monolith rear function carrier.

My 141 series M-Monolith function carrier measures about 107mm from the frame dovetail mating surface to the geared surface of the rail, when the rise is at zero.

Remember, the M-Monolith function carrier is offset about 32mm from the center-line of the rail. Either the front or rear, or both, frames would need to be shifted to zero the lens with the gg.

26-May-2008, 11:52
Thanks Eric, thats very helpful. It suggests that I would be left with very limited rise on the front standard, maybe 10mm or so.