View Full Version : Sinar question

Robert Nishihira
25-May-2008, 12:22
Does anyone know which Sinar model has a monorail that is not cylindrical? Reminds me of extruded moulding. Also, where can I get a front standard for this model?

Ron Marshall
25-May-2008, 12:26
You might be thinking of the Alpina.

See Glennview:


Jerry Flynn
27-May-2008, 13:39
The model is also called an a1. There was a 6 inch extension sold, but it do not think they supplied a multipurpose (front) standard as separate. That was left as a motive to move up to the f1 or f2.

As Ron suggests, check the used market for dealers in parts from guttet-out cameras.

Robert Nishihira
27-May-2008, 19:37
Thank you, Jerry and Ron. It is the a1. I have been checking ebay for a used front standard but so far without success.