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Bob Salomon
25-May-2008, 11:24
For those of you who have been looking for it there is a new factory web site address that is now up and running. It covers all current products. I have not looked to see if there are old products on it. But it is much easier to access then the old address through the Linos web site.


Joseph O'Neil
25-May-2008, 12:00
Hi Bob;
Thanks much. the downloads on tech data (for current lenses) is great. Cannot find data on old lenses myself, but I hope they do in the future. My 135mm Sironar N, which I bought brand new, isn't all that old. :(

A bit off topic, but I love the free optics software. A few of my friends who build telescopes will be getting that link. :)

Now - my only *major* complaint. Where's the link for the factory seconds sale page?
:D :D

26-May-2008, 03:31
Is there a page covering older products?

Emmanuel BIGLER
27-May-2008, 00:25
Is there a page covering older products?
Hello from France
To the best of my knowledge, there is to date (2008-05) no official Rodenstock archive repository for discontinued lenses, unlike Schneider-Kreuznach where scans of old catalogues are publicly available.
However, Mr. Paul Butzi (thanks to Bob Salomon for providing the material) has scanned various Rodenstock catalogues & brochures, they are here :
Although very complete, Paul Butzi's collection refers to products available toward the end of the XX-st century, it does not cover some discontinued older products still in use use today by our readers like the Imagon(TM) soft-focus lens and the Apo-Sironar-W(TM).