View Full Version : 7x17 Cool, field set up !

Tri Tran
25-May-2008, 10:13
Hi All,
I saw this article in LA time today.


Congrat Chris!

Ron Marshall
25-May-2008, 10:15
I love the cart he uses. Thanks for posting.

Terence McDonagh
25-May-2008, 12:24
The homemade cameras look great.

25-May-2008, 12:52
Yet one who's originality is enriching. Wonderful!

30-May-2008, 13:52
There was an article about Chris McCaw, the photographer, several years ago in View Camera. He has learned to build his own cameras including the bellows.

30-May-2008, 14:13
Not something to mess around with using ULF film holders....unless y'all know something I don't..... :D


PS: Eddie, that 11x14 film holder you borrowed....don't do it!!!!!!!