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Dennis Felty
25-May-2008, 05:09
I recently purchased a Sinar Norma on Ebay. It is in very good shape however it is missing two of the small star shaped knobs on the verticle standards and several of the bubble levels are dry. Does anyone know if Norma parts are still available?



Frank Petronio
25-May-2008, 06:07
You can start with http://www.sinarbron.com in New Jersey

follow up with http://precisioncameraworks.com

and end with up eBay and buying metric bolts/knobs from a speciality hardware store.

One friend took the proper bolt and cast a new knob out of epoxy.

The levels are pretty common.

erie patsellis
25-May-2008, 09:10
I'll add that if you are somewhat handy, repairing the levels (if they are made of acrylic, like the later ones) is trivial (and your wallet will thank you greatly)


Ernest Purdum
25-May-2008, 09:16
When looking for knobs and levels I would try www.mcmaster.com.

Ken Lee
25-May-2008, 10:32
Glennview at http://www.glennview.com/sinar.htm specializes in Sinar, and praises the Norma as his all-time favorite.

He services Sinar cameras, and I would be surprised if he couldn't get you what you need in a flash.

25-May-2008, 10:34
I repaired a knob on my Norma by heating the screw up and pushing it into a nylon replacement obtained from the hardware store, took less than five minutes. One caveat is inside the screw there is a hard rubber(?) stopper it is best to remove it first if possible or the heat will cause it expand and it can be a little difficult to get back in but again including this it took less than 5 minutes. Regards ,George