View Full Version : Dev times for Acros 4x5 in DDX

Joanna Carter
24-May-2008, 13:06
Hi folks

I normally dev Acros 4x5 in DDX 1:4 for 8mins 30secs at 20C. In order to elongate times when working with N-2 negs (and to save money :rolleyes: ), I want to increase the dilution to 1:6.

I am using a CombiPlan tank with inversion every minute; anyone got experience of what time I should use for standard N negs at this dilution ?

Robert Ley
25-May-2008, 15:19
I have used DDX for a couple of years and like it very much. I use it 1:4, but many others use it at 1:9. I think that you will find 1:6 not much different than your normal dilution. Check out this site:http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html
for some times at different dilutions. From my quick check of the site, I would try increasing the time by about 2 minutes at 1:9. 2-3 minutes would be a good starting point, but I am afraid that personal experimentation will be in order.