View Full Version : Digital Timer

Malcolm Fox
19-Jan-2001, 11:22
I have always used Gra-Lab's mechnical clock timer, but over the years, its accu racy is fading and nonexistent under 5 secs. I would lke to replace it with a t imer that is digital, has two outlets, times down to 0.1, voltage regulator? and possibly evens allows you to run a second time after the exposure to time the p rint...I have looked at various Beseler, Gra-Lab, and Kearage models...does anyo ne have any great recommendations or any models to avoid? I only do B&W printin g at home? Thanks in advance.

Scott Walton
19-Jan-2001, 13:14
I have the Graylab 505 at home and the 525 at work. The 525 allows multiple time s but I find it insn't a problem just to reset the 505.

neil poulsen
21-Jan-2001, 18:35
Not all digital timers can handle a cold light head, so I would look for one with this capability. You might consider looking for models that permit specifying tenths of seconds, versus whole seconds. There are times when it's convenient being able to specify less than a full second change in an exposure.