View Full Version : Seiko shutter hole size

MIke Sherck
23-May-2008, 11:04
Hello, I have a Fujinon 150mm f/6.3 lens in a Seiko shutter. Is the hole for that shutter the same size as a Copal 0? If not, does anyone know what size hole it needs? Sorry, I don't have a Copal 0 shutter to compare it with and I'm not home to measure it. Thanks!


23-May-2008, 11:11
I have the F/5.6 Fuji and it fit a #0 board fine. OTOH I think for my 210mm [I guess in a #1] needed the hole increased a touch.

If you go to the Skgrimes website they have the sizes for the various Copal so you can compare that with what you've got.

KEH if they have the lens listed will some times list the mount size. The always list the hole size on boards.

So a little surfing the two websites should give you an idea if your shutter is bigger/smaller then a #0 copal.

Paul Bujak
25-May-2008, 17:24
My Fujinon 150/6.3 fits a Copal #0 just fine.