View Full Version : Sheet Film Holder Clean Up Question-

R Mann
23-May-2008, 09:12
I am cleaning up a set of sheet film holders and have a question -

Should I be concerned that some of the black paint has rubbed off the metal divider that separates the two sides? These are old holders and appear to have had the paint removed by the inserting and removing of film or dark slides leaving bright sections of metal exposed. Should I repaint them or leave them as they are? Thanks -

scott russell
23-May-2008, 09:24
I was also cleaning up a lot of film holders i got and i noticed the leather that acts as the hinge, which the dark slide locks into had some pinholes which were noticeable when the flap was opened and held in front of a light. I'm not sure if such a thing could leak light, but just covering the hinge with a strip of gaffers tape seemed to fix it. Doesn't help much with your problem, but i figured i'd throw that in while on the subject of light-tight film holders...

Frank Petronio
23-May-2008, 10:21
If it is bright shiny metal is behind the unexposed film, then you might run the risk of getting some fog or "bloom" from the reflections during the moment of exposure. But if only the dark slides are worn I wouldn't worry about it so long as the paint isn't coming off each time you cycle the holder.

EuGene Smith
23-May-2008, 22:32
I don't know if the shiney spots will cause fogging, but I don't want to take a chance and have touched some of my holders up with thinned Teasters flat black modeler's paint - no use risking the fog/bloom that Frank mentioned.

How do you clean out the dark slide slots that seem to have accumulated a gritty type of dirt or dust that you can feel when removing & inserting the slides? A vacuum cleaner doesn't seem to be of much use in cleaning the slots.

Turner Reich
23-May-2008, 22:54
Don't touch up with paint and make a raised surface that prevents the film from laying flat. Mask it off and spray a thin coat of ultra mat and don't hand paint.