View Full Version : Sheet Film Holder Clean UP Question-

R Mann
23-May-2008, 09:02
I am cleaning up a set of sheet film holders and have a question -

Should I be concerned that some of the black paint has rubbed off the metal divider that separates the two sides? These are old holders and appear to have had the paint removed by the inserting and removing of film or dark slides leaving bright sections of metal exposed. Should I repaint them or leave them as they are? Thanks -

Mark Woods
23-May-2008, 09:41
If they're working, don't worry. If you do want to paint them, go ahead. I've repainted some of my holders.

24-May-2008, 06:10
Give the area that's bare a quick rub with some 600 grit wet & dry wipe clean with a damp cloth, and dry, then just a quick spray of satin black paint.


Alan Davenport
24-May-2008, 17:03
If you spray paint them, be sure to completely mask the grooves that the darkslides go in, and the little rails that hold the edges of the film down. Paint that gets into those places will slough off (faster than the main surface) and any bits of paint that get sloughed off will become dust specks on your negs.

Unless you notice problems that you can track back to light passing through the film, reflecting from the septum and then back to the emulsion, I suggest simply leaving them alone.