View Full Version : Sinar F2 - Graflex 23 RFH - Which W/A lens suited for the 'coverage' task

22-May-2008, 11:34
Hello all. Based on the above configuration, which focal length range of lenses would yield the typical - and maybe acceptable - coverage (view) for 6x9? For instance, I sacrificed a roll of 120 film passing it through the RFH... a) verifying that 8 shots were created, b) the spacing between shots were normal and c) the RFH functioned properly.

With the marked-off undeveloped roll in hand, I overlayed a 4x5 tranny that was shot with a 90mm S/A. Clearly, I would need to be MUCH FURTHER BACK in order to capture the same 'view'. Thus... my question.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I am also interested in finding out which of the older lenses (AKA: lower cost???) could be written to this list.



Joanna Carter
22-May-2008, 12:01
I think you'll find that the equivalent lens for 6x9 is around 65mm

22-May-2008, 12:47
Definitely a 65mm, that's a lens that will also just cover 5x4. I use my 65mm SA for B&W on 5x4, but have in the past used it extensively with a 6x9 RF back on my camera for E^ as well as B&W.


Ron Marshall
22-May-2008, 12:50
As Joanna stated, a 65 would be the equivalent.

Something like this would do it for you:


Dan Fromm
22-May-2008, 13:32
Keith, the 65/8 SA that Ron suggested will do the job very well and will allow considerable movements on 6x9 since it just covers 4x5. If budget is a consideration, you might want to look for a 65/8 Ilex (very much like the equivalent SA but designed and made in Rochester). I use one, like it very much. A (relative) cheapie made to cover 6x9 with no movements would cost less. Easily found cheapies include 65/6.8 Raptar/Optar, 65/6.8 Angulon, and 65/8 "Hamburg." This last was, I think, sold in the US by Spiratone. FWIW, I've had a 65/6.8 Raptar and hated it. Not sure whether the problem was the lens' design or Wolly QC.

A 58/5.6 Grandagon will cover a little more.

There's also a 63 (or is it 64?)/6.5 Cooke Ser. VIIb that was mainly sold fitted to Envoy 2x3 cameras. These turn up from time to time on ebay.co.uk, may cost more than you want to spend.

22-May-2008, 16:02
Dan, Ron, Ian and Joanna... I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge base and being so quick with solutions. Dan. I especially appreciate the 'list' you decided to share with the group as well.

Kindest regards,


15-Jun-2008, 07:59
That's a great use of a dead roll of film and you can re-use it likewise. just make small marks in different places each time,
For more fun - try the Nikon 65 F 4....very bright.
Or to save cash - get a mamiya Press 65 mm lens, in its Helicoid mount....make a large appropriate hole in a lensboard...insert with contact cement..or even epoxy if you're feeling permanent and don't want to switch back to the mamiya Press later - handy things.
now you've got a lens that will double focus !
Or...track down the little Schneider 65 mm bubble lens that would turn up on baby technikas. The weight saving is incredible.

15-Jun-2008, 08:03
By the way...there were small Super Angulon 65 and 58 lenses - even 47 mm ! - badged Technika and they are 6 x 9 lenses. Even before Multi coating appeared. All sharp, of course.