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21-May-2008, 15:37
Hello everyone, I picked up this Dallmeyer lens in a box lot today. It will be sold, when I can find some more information about it. Does anyone know it's appx. value and what formats it will cover? The lens is in very good condition with no fungus/mold or major scratches. It just needs a good cleaning. The writing on the barrel (besides the Dallmeyer name) is the following: No. 54627no. 1a London Rectilinear June 30th Patent US 1868. Thanks everyone, Mike C.

Jim Galli
21-May-2008, 16:37
Hi Mike. Wish I could be more help but I don't really know much. Generalisations. It's obviously one of the first RR lenses. 1a would indicate for a smaller format like 1/4 plate perhaps. Be careful cleaning. Don't disturb the lovely antique patina. Good luck, hope someone knows some more.

21-May-2008, 16:59
try this site maybe one of the booklets will help :

Joe Smigiel
21-May-2008, 21:29
Looks like it was made in 1894 according to this page:

From an old Anthony catalog I have it resembles a "Wide-Angle" Rectilinear. A 1A is listed there as a whole-plate lens, equivalent focus of 5.25". Is the diameter of your front lens combo 1.25" ? That's what is given for this WA-Rectilinear lens description.

Cost was $59 in this 1870s catalog.

22-May-2008, 08:06
I have the same lens, in a bigger No. 3 version. Discussed and pic here:

There was very little information about this "pre rapid" rectilinear, but it's a landscape lens (versus portrait) in my mind.

My serial 36749 was made in 1885. I've used it for wet plate landscapes such as this one:


22-May-2008, 08:21
That is Great Stuff, nice work! Thanks for the info. and for taking the time to post.

Ole Tjugen
22-May-2008, 15:13
Ah - it's one of the "non-rapid" Rectilinears?

I have one of them myself, a wonderfully wonky lens - especially when used beyond it's intended image circle. :)

To tell the difference from a Rapid one, look at the reflections: The RR has all three (two strong, one weak) reflections from each cell moving the same way when you tilt the lens; the "pre-RR" has the weak one moving the opposite way.

Chauncey Walden
24-May-2008, 16:19
I have the lens Joe describes, but dated to ca 1886 (135mm f/16). It is a wonderful lens on 4x5. Don't be too eager to get rid of it Mike.

Chauncey Walden
24-May-2008, 17:42
I found a test negative done with the Dallmeyer. This is the first time I have tried to scan a neg and I don't know how much you can tell about it, but here goes.

Chauncey Walden
24-May-2008, 17:44
Heh, heh. Well, one more try.

Chauncey Walden
24-May-2008, 17:47
OK, so you can't tell much at this resolution. The tree trunks are wrapped with chain link fence to deter the crafty and industrious beavers. In the neg, you can see the fencing on the trunks in the center in the far distance.

Gordon Moat
24-May-2008, 18:21

Perhaps you can match it up to one of these. I have no idea on pricing, and quite often I am surprised at some of the prices. One issue with lenses that do not come up for sale often is that it can be tough to gauge interest, or possible sales prices.


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