View Full Version : Question: identifying broken knob on Sinar P

21-May-2008, 14:27
Hi, all. There's a Sinar P available to me for a good price, though it's got a few things wrong with it. I can deal with the broken spirit level and the missing rail clamp, but the last thing's a puzzle.

The seller, via the Internet but at a major camera shop (though not one with a great LF department), notes that the "rear focus knob" is broken. But in the photos provided, the broken knob—which is taped up—looks like something other than the rear focus knob. To me it looks like it's actually the LOCK for the rear swing. I've never set hands on a P/P2, so I just wanted to make sure. Could any of y'all please confirm or deny, and offer any advice about whether I'm in for a world of pain (or a relatively easy fix) whatever the case is? In the attached (generic Sinar P) photo, I have circled the knob that the seller says is the broken focus knob. Thanks!http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=12826&stc=1&d=1211405118

Antonio Corcuera
21-May-2008, 14:55
That's the swing/tilt lock, according to its position, you control swing/tilt via the knob right next to it. Not sure if it's an easy fix though.

erie patsellis
21-May-2008, 14:56
That particular knob is used to switch between tilt and swing, and depending on what else is broken, could be a cheap repair, or an expensive one. While the knob itself is probably inexpensive, if the mechanism is binding, which would have caused the knob to break, it can be expensive.


24-May-2008, 19:20
I have the exact same problem with a Sinar P1 that I just purchased. I have no clue who would have a replacement knob. The Sinar site was no help. Although I haven't contacted them. I'm afraid what the bill will be. Have you heard if there is another source for things Sinar. I'd be interested.


erie patsellis
24-May-2008, 19:41
It may no be as bad as you think, I ordered a rear tilt gear (the white nylon rack) for my P, cost all of $25.