View Full Version : Polaroid 135mm lens

21-May-2008, 09:56
I have a Polaroid lens from an MP4 landcamera which I ended up throwing out sometime ago, but I decided to keep the lens, and I am starting to think that I am glad I did. Because I just recently picked up a Cambo SC 4x5 camera. I am wondering if I can use this lens with my Cambo... and if so, what lensboard do I need to get to mount it...

It has a funny plastic holder which is attached, but I think with some work, I can get it off, there is a ring on the back which looks like it locked that plastic mount in place. The lens is also threaded, and hopefully it would just screw into a new lens board with ease.

The shutter works, and the timing seems to be fairly accurate, although I would have to test that out on the camera once mounted. The lens is an f/4.5 to f/32 with shutter speeds from bulb to 1/125th. So what do you think?


Ernest Purdum
21-May-2008, 10:06
This lens was intended for copy use. It should do very well for photographing moderate sized objects. It is a Tessar type and as such gives you a nice bright groundglass, but I would expect it to be soft at longer distances than it was intended for. You might try it wide open for portraits, maybe you would like the effect.